Monday, March 24, 2008

Is the Apple product line up complete?

Let's look at the desktop Macs.

  • A low end class called Mac Mini
  • A middle/consumer class called iMac
  • A proffesional class named Mac Pro

There three products here and it has stated that way for some years.

The Next most oldest category is the Laptop:

  • An consumer class called MacBook
  • A feature full class called MacBook Pro
  • An utra-light class called MacBook Air
There are tree produce here as well, though the last one is still fresh.

Next are the iPods.

  • An utra small one called iPod Shuffle
  • A feature full middle class called iPod Nano
  • A high capacity one called iPod Classic
  • A touchscreen one called iPod Touch
Four products. It feels a bit redundant it will make sense to reduce your product line to 3 models again. But which one will fall out. The oldest model in the line up is the iPod Shuffle. However it is still in its first generation. Morever it is extremely practical and affordable, and so it is likely to stay. Besides it is too small to incorporate a touch screen.

The iPhone Nano is a full featured iPod that has got video playback in it last generation. It is incredibly small and features a 204dpi display. It still looks good and appart from a memory upgrade or a price drop, it is likely to stay. The iPod classic is just like the iPod nano but with slightly larger display and 40 times the capacity. This is because it contains a hard drive. The HDD's are however a more unreliable and power hungry compared to a Solid State Drives. The HDD are old technology and are being replaced with SSD in ultraportable devices. At a certain point the memory size stops to matter and other factors become important, like the size of the screen or the funtionality.

The iPod Touch is the newsest iPod model. This device is essentialy an iPhone withouth the phone and camera. It is similar in size to the iPod classic but it so much more capable exept for memory size and battery life. It is the future of pocket entertainment

The first two product lines differed in 3 categories:

  • size
  • features
  • price

In the iPod line up the iPod Classic has similar featured to the much more affordable iPod Nano and the price of the much more capable iPod Touch. And so it is likely to drop out of the line up.

What of the iPhone?
If there there is any logic so far it makes sense to have 3 iPhone models. We could see a more affordable phone from Apple called iPhone Nano and we could see a a high end one called iPhone Pro.

The rest of the products offered by apple can also be arranged to fill the 3 consumer types categories, save for one.  The Desktop Controller.

The Keyboard and Mouse and the devices that have seen some of the least amount of inovation in resent years. Granted, they are simple devices but even here Apple may introduce a innovative and advanced product. If anything, the past two years have seen Apple emerge as the leader in Multi-Touch displays and controls. These have been introduced into the MacBook Air and the  MacBook Pro but are still looking for the their carrier device in the desktop environment. 

It's interesting but the Mighty Mouse does feature some touch control already. It's just not multi touch. Possible upgrades for the keyboard include backlight buttons or the entire concept can follow the Optimus Maximus keyboard.

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