Saturday, January 30, 2010

Defending the iPad

OK, So the Nerds and Geeks were again disappointed that Apple is no making a gadget worthy of their talent to hack and tweak any product to no good end. Well, wake up! Apple is a consumer company now and has been for some time. They build devices for the average person. But lets get into the details, shall we.

Check out those 10 things the iPad can't do and tell me is anybody serious enough about his work will do those on any netbook and not use a full laptop!

There is the 10 things from CNET which I will go over one by one
1. Video Chat.
Ask yourself how many times have you used video in a chat out of all chats you have made recently. Close to nothing right? And why is that? It's simple. The bandwidth is not there yet to do it anywhere at anytime. People are also a bit touchy when it comes to privacy. Lighting is also not good at all times. Do I need to go on more?

2. Run Flash.
The only 2 good things about flash are its everywhere and that people know how to do stuff on it. However, Flash has much more drawbacks:
  • it's consumes processing power in a big way draining your batteries quickly
  • is is not a open standard that everyone can contribute to like HTML 5 or Webkit
  • it is very unreliable
  • it is very unsecured
  • Flash sites are not indexable by google
  • there are better and open alternatives
Apple is the only company that has taken an active stance against this technology that adds no true value to our internet experience.

3. Not good for hacking as it does not run Windows 7.
Come on! This one ruined your point already

4. Cannot Upload Photos from a camera.
Well, I go you here. There are simple dock adapters with SD card slots already. I guess, you have not paid attention. That too ruined you credentials.

5. Store more than 64GB.
That's flash memory not some hard disk. Its durable and its fast. The iPad is not a laptop to store all you files, and the Netbook's 160GB are also not enough for that too. By the way, Windows 7 takes 10 times more space than the iPhone OS and that says a lot.

6. Play Facebook games.
Are you kidding me. WTF. The App Store has 20,000+ games most of which far better than anything on Facebook.

7. Swapping a battery for a better one.
Seriously dude, you need to actually read the iPad specification before posting stuff like that. I have an iPhone 2G for 2.5 years now and the battery works just fine. The iPad will have a battery live of 5 years that's to the 1000 recharge cycle ability. The iPhone proved that external batteries are much more flexible than replacing your internal one.

8. Instal CD Media.
WTF again. Are 11 million songs from iTunes and 140,000 apps from the App Store are not enough for you? You know you can sync the iPad to your computer to load anything else trough iTunes right?

9. Not good for typing.
5 things:
  1. There is a special dock with full size keyboard with some custom iPhone OS keys.
  2. You can use apple bluŠµtooth keyboard as well
  3. Last I checked there are a lot of non English typing people out there. The iPhone keyboard can transform to efficiently enter characters in tents of languages. Can a netbook do that? No
  4. Can you type of a netbook without sitting with one or 2 hands? No
  5. Are the netbook keyboard actually full sized keyboard good for serious typing? No
10. Upgrade.
I have yet to meet a regular person who has actually upgraded his netbook or any laptop. By the time you feel to upgrade anything, more often than not people just buy a new device, because the device is obsolete. With old netbooks trying to run Windows 7, this is just the case.
I can still run the latest apps and games on my iPhone if I want even though startup time is a bit slower. The iPad is a big leap in performance and will stay relevant for years to come.

Now for the last and most serious criticism. Lack of listening to Pandora while doing something else. WTF.
For one you need to be in the US. For two you need an active 3G/WiFi connection at all times.Its much more power efficient to just listen to your build in iPod.

The iPad is not a serous productivity machine like a Laptop. It is not meant to be, even though it will be one day, believe me. Multitasking as we know it on the laptop is not a good idea on such a device. If my apps could load instantaneously and remember the state I have exited them, I will be more than happy with the Apple model. And it seams the iPad does just that.

All Apple need to do with 4.0 is allow intelligent memory management based on user habits. The software should learn the most used apps and try to keep them in memory for faster startup.

Lets give the iPad an year to evolve and judge it by its sales, software and capabilities then or we risk swallowing our own medicine as was the case with the iPhone.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Avatar - its all about beauty

I have to admit, I am never a fan of movies that are pre-hyped and predetermined to be good. Especially if they involve jungle creatures. I guess I mussed be obsessed with the world of product technology these days. After lord of the Rings, I just could not believe I will be impressed by any other battles with arrows and primitively dressing folk.

I obviously never read too much into Avatar, but I also knew that I will go and see it just because someone really has put an enormous effort into a something that I get to enjoy for some 8 bucks.

Once the music and the huge spaceship started rolling I knew I was going to discover something to awe me for a long time. I just literally fell in love with this beautiful planet - Pandora. The sounds and the music of the place were resonating so strong with me that I was often on the verge of crying at the stupidity by which we do not appreciate those moments any more.

"Look at all that chatter" is a classic line that shows how people can just be inhuman when their mind has been tainted by money and power.

After watching the movie for a 3rd time and listening to the soundtrack more than 10 times, i am enchanted with this positive desire to achieve this beauty in my life. The first thing is to get Neytiri battle cry as a ringtone for the telephone number that will belong to my girlfriend. Or just say "I see you" to the people that mean most to me.

Even if you are not a romantic person, there are more than enough reasons to enjoy this film. Its has everything and its has it done right. It has it real. So real, that it affects your view of the world you walk into after you exit the cinema.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Redefining Web Content Delivery

After reading the exellent article about the Apple Tablet at a lot of peaces of the rumour puzzle came to place in my mind. The Apple tablet is trully going to redefine not just the ebook industry but the personal computer itself. Maybe not initially but eventually. What is interesting is that this project might have been made possible entirely because of the success of the App Store's content delivery ecosystem.

Let's look at the iPod Touch for a sec. While Apple continues to market it as the Funnest iPod ever, in essence it is widely acknowledged as a pocket computer. But the device has hardly changed since its inception more than 2 years ago. What has changed? The App
Store and huge content that came along with it.

Steve Balmer was right when he said that the web was not created for the iPhone. However, that is slowly changing with more and more sites providing a iPhone friedly version or even an web app. However I think that the Microsoft CEO entirely misses the big picture. It's not
just about web, it's content in general that enables a certain product.

With the App Store Apple has redefined content creation and distribution. The App Store is quickly becoming a substitute to the traditional web. Instead of having one brouser trough witch you do all your activities (like Chrome OS will) you have all these little Apps that each does a specific part of the web.

With people consuming the web trough native and web Apps rather than the traditional web brouser ever more, brouser share no longer matters in the same way. What matters is App Store share.

So, general search share is somewhat doomed to become more irrelevant.
In the past I would consult google for stuff such as movie info. Now, I have the fantastic free IMDB application that not only finds what I need trough a better UI but enables me to discover content in a whole new way.

Some people have found that somenof theircompiting needs are done much more efficiently on an iPhone. What's more is that implies that had Apple had a bigger device people might use it instead of their main computer autogather.

Having a dominating position in the App store among mobile phones, Apple next move will be to move verticaly and try to redefine content distribution on a bigger device, aka the tablet

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