Sunday, January 11, 2009

The iPhone needs to learn from Palm Pre

The recent unveiling of the Palm Pre showed the smarthphone world 1
There is a lot more to be desired from advanced devices like the
iPhone when it comes to software integration.

Despite all claimed by Apple to be ears ahead in mobile os, Palm have
managed to be bold and leap ahead and reuse our expectations about
what a smartphone is.

In my mind the iPhone as a concept is still way ahead. Having a
virtual keyboard makes it a trully global device.
What Apple needs to do is get out of the App Store hype and start
integrating the best service there into the stock iPhone Apps.
I do not need 2 SMS and 2 IM Apps on my iPhone. I need 1, just like on
the Palm Pre.
I do not like to have a separate application with sounds and brand
waves. I want this integrated in my iPod so I can mix it with any song
and do other stuff.

Apple is marketing the iphone as having over 10,000 Apps. What you
find out later is that there are often 10 Apps for every thing you
want to do. Most of the time the best features are spread between
several of them, forcing you to install several weather apps, several
messenger apps and so on. If Apple had allowed third party app to run
in the background, this might have not been a problem, but without
that it is.

Without the type of integration and management of multiple services
demonstrated by the Palm Pre, the iPhone is a chaos of app however
good some of them are.

I understand Apple motives. They have computers to sell after all.
They are trying to make the iPhone a satellite product to the Mac, but
the users do not want that. I hope Apple breaks the wall it set upon
itself and unleash the full potential of the iPhone soon or they will
loose momentum.

After all, the iPhone is the hardware product with the highest
percentage revenue, yet the lowest consumer starting cost. With the
economy situation limiting consumer spending, Apple needs to focus all
it effort behind this revolutionary product and try to stop holding
its potential back.

Apple needs to set the iPhone as an all in one device, that does not
need a computer, just like the Palm Pre.

How can that be achieved.

Learn for the Palm Pre.

Make every stock app integrate with the service each user wants. For
example. I would like to chose where does the weather app get its
information from. Allow customization just like in the iPod. Make a
the iChat app that allows SMS+IM at the same place.

The iPhone has multy touch like no other device has, yet its used are
limited to a few places. Apple needs to enable multy touch gesture
throughout the OS. The new gestures for Multy Touch trackpads for
Macbooks age a great start.
I would like to use 2 or 3 fingers to bring up the keyboard for
instant search at anytime while on the home screen, like spotlight. I
would like to see expose or spaces like transition between several
apps I am using at the moment.

I can't wait so see what Apple plans for its next iPhone OS due
perhaps in the summer.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The new Mac Mini or the wonder iBox

The Apple Mini will be making a comeback soon. Apple will have an
opprtunity to make a superpopular product by evolutionary merging
three separate but similar devices into one. Apple may decide to
replace it's popular Mac Mini, it's I inovative Time Capsule and the
unreleased potential of it's Apple TV into One single product.
The New Mac Mini.

What is the Mac Mini?
It's a general purpose computer with everything needed build in but
the display, keyboard and mouse. It's also 8x8x6 inch in size. And it
has 802.11n. Rumour has it that now it may be possible to replace the
opticle drive with a second hard disk.

What is Time Capsule?
It's essentially a Airport Extreme Base Station with a Server Grade
Hard drive build into it. In essence a Max Mini allready had all the
components to be a Time Capsule but not the software.

What is an Apple TV?
It's similar to a Time Capsule in that there is 802.11n and a hard-
drive inside it. It also has a special circuitry and ports to allow it
to transmit HD movies to a TV.

If Apple decided to merge these three products, which is quite doable
it will have a very affordable solution for the following needs:
- a powerful BYDKM computer
- an airport extreme base station
- a wireless backup RAID1
- a Wireless Media Center/Server
- an Apple TV

We will see in a few hours, what's up.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

F-22 Supercruise combat radius

Ok, the link at the end of this post seams to give some good numbers
for the F119 engines.
I would like to apply some common sence maths here to get the max pure
supercruise radius of the F-22. If anyone has better data and/or math
skills, please feel free to enlighten me.

So I accept the trust levels of the F119 at full milittary power to be
2x0.8 lb of fuel per pound of trust per hour. That is 100% trust
without afterburner or 22x6,000 lb of trust. At that trust we expect
the F-22 to fly at max of Mach 1,82 at 40,000+ ft.

But supercruise speed probably means flying at Mach 1,5. That speed
needs about 18% less trust and the engines SFC is 18% from max dry.
So that's about 2x21,540 lb trust, at 2x0,664 SFC to fly at Mach 1,5

If the F-22 used 20% of it's fuel to take off, accelerate to Mach 1,5,
decelerate back and land, we are left with 14,400 lb of fuel left to
spend for supercruise.

0,664 pounds of fuel per pounds of trust per hour, at 2x21,540 lb of
trust from 14,400 lb of available fuel will allow the two Raptor
engines to run for just over 30 minutes total.

Mach 1,5 at 40,000 ft translates in about 1,600 km/h. 30 min dash at
that speed will give us a range of 800 km. Add 100 more to get to Mach
1,5 from take of and 100 back needed to land and we have a max Mach
1,5 supercruise combat radius of 500km which is about 270nm.

May not sound like much but how good will the F-15C do in the same

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