Saturday, December 6, 2008

Death of the iPhone Nano, long live the The iPhone.

When Apple was selling the first generation iPhone for $499, most
people were convinced Apple was going to introduce a cheaper and
scalled down version of the iPhone so it can expand in all price
ranges. Befere the end of this year, Apple will likely prove them very

The iPhone concept has never been only about inovation into the
device. It has been about giving the people the best device at the
best price.

Apple designed to make a smartphone that anyone can use. That also
meant that everyone should be able to afford it.
The typical smartphone devices made by Nokia for example are little
computers that are complex to operate and could be isefull to a very
small group of tech educated people. These devices are sold unlocked
for huge prices in much fewer numbers than normal phones. This is the
only way to that can be profitable.

What the pundits did not realize it that the iPhone was so
revolutionary that it can be used not only from every one but can also
work with every business model . It's atractiveness was so big.

The first year of it's life, Apple kept the price high to benefit from
it's creation, to irron out the software and to bring down the cost of
the components.
Durring this first year, Apple could not benefit from the iPhone if it
had sold it at low prices. It would have hurt itself more that it
would have gained. The iPhone software could not do so many things.
People would have been frustrated.

Now there is the App store and Apple had an added bonus from the sale
or more phones. Every new iPhone is likely to buy Apps and Apple gets
30% from those. This sum could be even more than the monthly share
they get from the wireeless carrier. Remener. Apple was getting a
persentage from the customers monthly bill. With the iPhone 3G, Apple
got a new agreement in which the carrier paid the full unsubsidized
price when the phone was sold to the customer. Essentially Apple is
now selling unlocked phones to exclusive carriers around the world.
The carriers in return deside the subsidy amount.

During the last few months however Apple has found the iPhone to be a
treasure chest trough the super sucessfull App store. What is
interesting about the iPhone apps is how much band they give for
megabite. The band is certainly in order of magnitude grated than the
movies apple cells trough iTunes.

A movie on iTunes costs $5-$10 and takes more than 700MB in space.
Apple gets just a dollar for every movie they cell. An iPhone App cost
on average $3 and takes 2-3 MB space. However Apple gets a full
dollar out of it. Now do the math which is more profitable data per
megabyte. What is more, you can install almost 150 Applications on the
iPhone and fit them in less than 1GB.

The iPhone now trough the Apps store is something else. The Value is
the App Store app and the iPod App cannot be compared. People needed
large capacities because of the size of their music colection and
movies. But now thanks to some apps, you can listen music for free and
even watch video for free, and I do not mean YouTube.

So, the 4GB capacity, Apple decided to drop is relevant again. Apple
has now the chance to build an iPhone 3G with 4GB of memory at much
lower prices than a year ago. And people will not care about the size
any more.
Because of the App store, flash storage has lost much of its relevance.

Even Apple has helped in this. It has made possible for people to
download podcasts wirelessly.

So, the rumors are now that Apple, AT&T and Wallmart will be selling
an 4GB iPhone 3G for $99 before the year is out.

IPhone 3G at $199 has allready claimed the #1 spot as the best selling
mobile phone in the US. What will the the result be if it sells for $99?
The iPhone sold 4 times as much by lowering the price by half the last
With the iPhone price being slashed by half again and sellIng
locations expanding greatly, Apple can easily cell 8 times as much
iPhone's it sold for the same period last year.

Apple sold 1,6 million iPhone's during Q1 in 2008, so in Q1 2009,
Apple can sell as many as 13 million iPhones.

Again, this is only possible because Apple has made a device that
stays relevant with years and can be sold with long term contracts.
Apple competitors will simply be be uable to offer better value
products untill they have developed an OS and a device that can
chalange the iPhon as a platform, not as a device that beets the
iPhone by specifications.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rebirth of the Apple from 1984

Amids the sighns of a troubled economy comes the promise of a great
shift in market power between the different computer companies.
Whithin a year or two, the marketing strategy of the vast magority of
PC makers will be chalenged by one company that is continuing on it's
quest to reclaim the dominant position it held in the 80s. That is

While the Mac product line does show a steady increase twice that of
the overal industry, a new but rapidly expanding foundation of the
company is poised to greatly accelerate that increase.

The iPhone has been a technological and a cultural revolution. It has
brought Apple to the front page of technology for almost 2 years now.
It's initial effect on the Mac product line was that of a hallo:
easing awarreness and increasing sales without significant efforts on
the part of Apple to offer something new in it's computers.

With the notable exeption of the Macbook Air the whole Apple product
line is due for a Major overhaul, having ratained it's basic design
for many years now. Least of those is the iMac, however that is the
area where competitors have caught most in recent years.

The second effect of the iPhone is that on Apple itself. The Macbook
Air is a sign of things to come with it's multy touch trackpad. But
it's not the feature list that will be the biggest change in the new
Macs due out on October 14th. It's the production value, the design
and cost of distribution.

Apple originally tried to cell the iPhone along it's traditional
philosophy. Bacauses it was so far ahead of the competition, it had
time to try different marketing models way before the competition had
a chance to respond. Initially Apple tried to cell the iPhone as a
premium product but quickly realized that containing the device was a
result of their own conservative projection of it's appeal. While
Apple may get a bit less profit by dramatically lowering the price,
the effects of mass production and wide availability were even more
beneficial. The more people have iPhobes the more will eventually buy
Macs as well.

Neverthess even at the midrange price of $400 the quick drawn up of
the first generation iPhone months in advance of the second model put
a lot of cash in Apple's hands.

Recent study of Mac sales has indicated that for every 3 dolars
consumers spend on laptops in the US, 1 goes to Apple despite the fact
that is hold only 10% of that market.

The flow of cash will soon enable Apple to get another edge over it's

Apple has learned from the iPhone that it can both prosper and cell a
lot by having products that do not offer the latest in technology but
the best integration and user experience even if it comes at the
expence of not offering a product with the top specs.

The iPhone has neither the highest res screen, nor the best camera or
the widest range of conectivity options. What it has is an industrial
design centered around the best user experience while using yesterdays
components. Very few of the iPhone technologies are cutting edge. The
cutting edge is their integration, the software behind. And software
does not have a hardware cost only a labour one. So, the iPhone is
maybe the first mass hardware product where due to the software a
copany is so Able to cell a hardware with significant sales margin.

It is very likely that Apple will apply the same to the new Macs. The
Macbook Air is a product that can greatly benefit from that. There
isn't anything extraordinary about it's performance. It's all about
the functionality of the thin form factor coupled with high end
wireless capability. It may be possible for Apple to greatly enhance
it's capabilities trough software while at the same time dramaticaly
lowering the price of the hardware.

This is the crown jewell of the Apple strategy. Being able to produce
state of the art designs at low cost and high production rates. It is
very likely this is what Apple has been investing in for the past 2
years and the Macbook Air was just a test example of the kind of
production precision and design Apple will be able to offer in the
near future for the rest of it's product lineup.

This new hypptetical high tech production facility in the US is
nothing new for Apple. In fact Steve Jobs has seen two of those
The first one was in 1984 with the Macintosh. It was eabling Able to
produce if I can recall directly up to 6 million Macs a year. Back
then Jobs lost to CEO John Skully and Apple missed the oportonity to
cell a lot of units due to the high pricetag.

In the early 90s Jobs had managed to create a high tech facility for
producing it's Next computers but just lacked the Marketing power to
fight with Apple and Microsoft.

Now, however Apple guided by Jobs has played all it's cards perfectly.
Not only can it use it music and portable bussiness as a hallo for
it's Mac line up and vice versa but it may be able to benefit from the
likely next president's policy.
If Barack Obama is elected president, which I pray he is, corporations
now benefiting from exporting Jobs oversees will see significant tax
increases. At the same time companies having production facilities
here will have less of a tax burden and I believe no other than Apple
is better position to take advance of this .

The other concept Apple can borrow from the iPhone is the Apple way of
doing things that no one else has. Instead of offering pure
performance stats, Apple can inovate by creating a custom product that
delivers a specific experience based entirely on human needs rather
than the needs of corporations.

As said the iPhone did not become the leader of the Market by juping
in front of everyone. Rather, After years of research Apple was
convinsed that the success lies by making a sharp turn and following
another road.
It took over an year for the compatitors to aknoledge that Apple was
right and try to follow but now theyare traling behind.

If Apple finds a simillar way to sharply distinguish it's product it
can be not only the leader of inovation but in computer market share
as is ever more the case with the iPhone.

I believe Apple has found the recipy. It will be a combination of
several factors.
Among the are:
- New production techniques offering seamless Aluminium cases for
stunning design
- Custom made chipsets by NVidia, Intel and Apple themselves offering
dramatically increased performance trough integration and software.
- Expansion of the Multi Touch Technologies in Macs
- Mac OS 10.6 Show Leopard with Multi Processing core support.
- Low production costs and decreased sales Margins
- Very fast increasing chain of resellers worldwide.

All those things will Atribute to ever greater record sales of Macs
among consumers and businesses alike and Apple capturing the N1 spot
in revenue from hardware sales within a year or two.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The End of the Mac Mini and the Brick

Apple produced the Mac Mini as a low cost Mac to appeal to those who
want Mac but do not want to pay a lot for it.
It was supposed to be for the Mac Pro, what iPod Mini was for the iPod

It didn't work because the most obvious strenght of the Mac Mini was
not on the shortlist of any person buying a computer for $600.

Mac Mini, was not just smaller than your average computer box. It was
1/10 the size of those boxes. This made it ideal for a media hub
device. A computer without c mo itor, which is always on and users can
stream content from it from anywhere in the world.

It was also ideal for a remote printing machine and for remote disk
access as used by the Macbook Air.

In that role it's entire graphical user interface was unnesessary. In
fact it's processor was and overkill and Apple upated it once just so
it can reduce the price of the same component across it's other

Mac Mini can be effectively used in the role of the Time capsule but
it offers much lower capabilities as much higher price.

Apple pioneered wirelless technologies, wirelless printing, music
steaming and now remote software instalation.

It is time for Apple to design a product solely optimistd for the
purpose of being a data hub. Not only will it back up data like the
Time Capsule but also stream music, moviesnand pictures.

There is anoter product that does some of that allready. It's called
Apple TV. It has also been underperforming despite huge marketing
efforts and software updates

Apple may conveniantely combine all these 3 hubs of data into one
product that will have the following

- Up to 1TB of space for wireless back up or file it can stream
- 802.11n Airport Extreme Base station
- Apple TV
- Integrated Blue Ray drive that can read and write CDs, DVDs and Blue
Ray Discs
- Wireless Printing and Software instalation and disc Burning

Such device will not need to Run Mac OS
Unless it also has a the Multi touch display of the iPhone for some
user interaction but it could be just as easily controled with an iPod
Touch, which could be sold along with it at a discount

Apple could
I troduce some inocative app for the iPhone to control this media

It will be an all aluminum design with the Apple Logo on top. I hope
it light ip like the ones on the Macbooks

This could well be the rumored device going by the codename of Brick
that we may see on October 14th

So is the iHUB comming? I hope so for it will be the fulfilment of
what Steve Jobs has been talking about since Macworld 2000.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple needs to sell Unlocked iPhones NOW!

I would agree with Apple that a subsidezed iPhone coupled with a great
service providesa better end user experiece.
However, Apple cannot deliver that everywhere and as a consequence a
lot of people in a lot of countries are getting their iPhones trough a
tough process. They pay a lot of money to resselers and go trough a
hours long hacking process to setup their iPhone for use in their own

Wouldn't it make sence if you could get a fully setup and unlocked
iPhone from Apple at those same prices. Apple will get more cash in
markets where it hasn't a partner and the end users will get a chance
to legitemaly use their iPhones.

Fortunately, there may be a light in the tunnell.
Apple has started selling completely unlocked iPhone3Gs in Honk Kong
for $695 for the 8GB model. Those same models sell for as low as $821
on the black market in my country and availability is virtually zero.
You have to pay as much as $900 to get one within a few days.

I understand the barrier of as much as 20% import tax for countries
like Bulgaria. So we will never get it at those Hong Kong prices but
we would be able to at least walk in a store and buy one whatever the

I do not think there is any other product in the world that so many
people want but cannot get to simply cause it is not on sale where
they live. Apple has a unique oportunity to sell a lot of devices to
people willing to pay but do not have the resources to go trough all
the importing/hacking procedure. Apple should just make it it's top
priority to cell unlocked devices anywhere it sells iPods and
Macintoshes. It's that simple.

I hope Steve Jobs realized that people are willing to go trough a lot
of trouble to get an iPhone without the visual voice mail and all
those fancy services AT&T offers.

There is also the cultural phonamena. In America, when you have a
problem with your device, you call your network provicer. In Bulgaria
you call a friend that understands these things. People here are not
so surprised when something does't work.

The main point is that the iPhone competitors are gearing up for
launch of their unlocked iPhobe killers and Apple is on it's way to
miss the opprtunity to gain a market share when it has no competition.

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Barack will win by a double digit margin

I am so pround to being a live witness to one of the most historic
elections in American history.
There has never been a better time to hope than now. There has never
been so much potential for the worlds best dreams to come true. But
enough on that.

After John McCain pulled out his last populist trick out of the bag
and got the race even, it didn't take long for Obama campain to get
people'head strait again.

There are several fronts in the presidential election battle:
- ads
- speeches
- debates
- fundrasings
- organizations

The Obama campain has recently gained a substantial edge in the Number
of ads it produces over the McCain camp. This is mostly as a result of
the more issues that Obama can attack McCain for. However it is also
due to the larger fundrasing record the Obama campaign has.
The McCain ads on the other hand has recently come under an attack by
the press for doubth in their truthfullness

Not only does Senator Obama attrack more people to his speaches but he
also makes the them a lot more frequently, talks a lot longer and
presents a more consistent message. His youth and inteligence helps
him deliver more and better quality speeches.

But if that was not enough, the contrast between the public
performance between Joe Biden and Saragh Palin is even more alpaling.
Joe just keeps hammering McCain from the insiders perspective, while
Palin hardly appears and when she does, has to play defensively.

Accrually Barack's wife Michelle and Joe' wife Jill togarher give
almost as much presence as John McCain.

All in All it's a 4 member family of young people against one old man
and his hiding running mate.

The first dabate demonstrated that Barack can top McCain on his home
garden. Hi is likely to do even better on the other debates and will
Joe Biden. Sarah Palin has a very remote chance or Draw with Biden on
foreign policy.

As mentioned earlier, Barack Obama fundrasimg is roping senator
McCains one. Not only that, but he keeps setting new records every
month. Barack can also talk about his fundrasing approach, while
McCain cannot. This results in a ever inscreasing gap.

Lastly are the grass roots organisation of the two. McCain, has a non
existant one, while Obama has thousand of volunteers and more come
every day.

All in All, McCain has spent all tricks up his sleeve and now starts
to lose his voter base, while Obama not only gets higher in the pols
by the day but also is regisering thousands more in every state every
single day.

In 3 weeks time, Obama has piled up and 8 point advantage. There are 6
more to go and I fully expect that number will pass the ten point list.

The Obama McCaina is engaging and outperforming the McCain camp on
every issue that there is in the playbook.
They are setting the foundation of a Breaking victory in November. One
that few would have predicted.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Futile iPhone Nano wait

Ever since the original iPhone came out, rounors have been floating
around that Apple will one day make a entry level iPhone in the same
way it did with it's iPod line. It did make some sence especially if
you have considered the opiginal price of the iPhone - $599.

However there are some factors which point that Apple may never unveil
such a device but will instead stick with only one model.

Why do people expect for Apple to diversify its iPhone line? What was
the driving force behind the iPhone Mini and the iPhone Nano?
The price of the product is the primary guide for establishing whether
a product is low end <$100, mid range <$200, high end <$400 or Pro
level <$800

The iPhone began as a Pro level device but Apple is now distributing
it at virtually any entry level. From $0 to $800

Most people will immediately point out that this is due to the high
priced data service plans that more than make up for the initial
What these people fail to notice is that services without contract
are even more expensive. The iPhone is a device with a very long life
and signing up for a plan for two years is not so bad when you see how
trough software updates, your phone will be a lot more capable devoce
with time.

Back to the question of the iPhone Nano.
The iPhone as it is at the moment is a result of years if research and
development into the perfect form factor. Scaling it down in size will
immediately impact it's capabilities. The first casualty of making the
screen smaller will be the on screen keyboard. This is an essential
element for most productivity applications.

Steve Jobs defined the iPhone as 3 separate devices combines into 1.
Revolutionary mobile phone, widescreen iPod with touch controls and
breaktrough Internet comunications device. While scaling down the
size may not impact the iPod and the Phone aspect of the device, it
will surely hurt the usability of the Internet.

But making an entry level iPhone does not nessesary mean smaller
device. The magic behind the iPhone has always been the software.
Apple can therefore lower the aquasition cost of the final product by
lowering manufacturing costs and exploring different distribution
models as it is doing now. Last year poeple made it clear that they
would buy an iPhone Nano if it is priced in the iPod Nano range. Apple
delivered a better product than the iPhone at the price level of the
iPod Nano. If only all carriers from around the world adapt the same
prices as AT&T.

Apple is going very strongly about consolidating it's devices, not
diversifying them. The second generation iPhone and IPod Touch have a
lot more in common both in hardware and on the software side.
Apple is puting a tremendous effort in making it's products better and
more affordable at the same time. This will result in sales and
widespread adoption few have expected. Who would not want a premium
product at midrange prices.

There will never be an iPhone Nano. There will be however and full
features iPhone at the price of the iPhone Nano.

It is very likely that the price of the iPhone platform around the
world will continue to drop while it software capabilities continue to

Starting from next year. Apple will be incorporating custom made chips
into it's devices. Made by PA Semi these chips will provide unique
capabilities at low cost and no warning to it's competitors

Apple may even decide to lower its hardware sale margins due to the
huge profits it gets from the App store, this making the iPhone/iPod
Touch even more affordable.

Other companies have build their bussines aroud selling different
types of devices. Ones sold, however there is little more profit to be
expected from them.

Each iPhone not only provides higher initial margins but bring
aditional money to Apple from sales of software trough the App store
and music trough the iTunes store.

There are so many more ways for Apple to increase sales using just one
design. Opening some APIs to developers will allow cutom camera
cimponentsnand phisical keyboards among other things to be attached to
the device via superthin shell cases.

Not only do Apple benefits for having to finetune only two hardware
design and one software pla

All in all a widespread affordable common design allows for much more
capabilities and sales in the long run than a plenora of devices with
different form factors

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

iPhone Background Location Service

Is great that the iPhone will get a push notification service but that does not solve another major benefit of having a background running apps. And that is allowing some services like Whrrl to know  your location all the time.

There is a way for Apple for provide this with little loss to battery life if it is made to work as smart as the push notification service. 
The iPhone should be able to send its location to a cloud database in a smart way only when needed and only when users have a potential application that requires that service.

 When users have a certain application installed that benefits from accurate location of the user even if he is not online, that service should be able to subscribe to a "location feed" coming from the iPhone to that cloud. Such feed will be closely tied to the accelerometer readings. Apple can make a research by recording the types of accelerometer data the iPhone produces, when carried in the pockets, in the car and so on. Based on that info iPhone will know if it is standing still, moving at walking speed or at a car speed. Consequently any updates to the iPhone location will only be made according to the area of certainty the user wants other people to know about them.
Say the user sets that area to 1 mile radius.
So if he stands still, no updates will be made after the initial on. If he moves at waling speed, updated will be made every 20min and if he moves with a car speed, updates can be made every 2 minutes as there is a charger at the car. So the iPhone can update this cloud database of its location smartly and other services can retrieve it from there. 
If that user wants to know is other people he knows are around him, he can subscribe to the push notification feed of that service. And if he receives a push notification message he is interested in, he can only then launch the location based application and update his location more accurately

This will provide the best of both worlds: functionality and battery life.  

There are also so many other sources of information besides the accelerometer that can tell the device if it is power-wise to update the location now. Cell tower signal strength and number, presence of a wifi hotspots can tell if the device is in a tunnel and GPS reception is week and lots of power will be lost to send any updates. Similarly, updates can also be send when the device passes near a cell tower or a wifi hotspot, so that minimal power is used.  The important thing is to rely heavily on passive sensor fusion and learn about the surrounding environment with minimal power loss. A concept Apple can borrow from the F-22 Raptor Electronic Stealth.

Users will find that their device retains the most important part of the functionality of their location based apps without having to run them.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

MacBook Air 2gen

Well Everybody seems to be introducing a Netbook with a Atom processor
these days. Everybody but Apple.

The closest thing Apple has is the Macbook Air. it is essentially a
high performance Netbook with Niger screen memory and battery life.

Unfortunately the price is also bigger. A lot bigger. About 400% bigger.

In other words you can buy up to 4 netbooks for the price of even the
most basic Macbook Air.

The Netbooks are so cheep, they even cost less than the HDD to SSD
upgrade option for the Macbook Air

So what is Apple player in this Market.
Just looking at the prices, the closest thing Apple has is the iPod
Touch. Granted, Apple will introduce a new model shortly but it's
Internet experience is totaly different.

The next closest thing is the Macbook at $1100. But that is a full
features notebook and is also due for a refresh.

There are two possibilities for Apple to compete with the $300-$500

The First is to introduce the long anticipated MacTable. I hope that
happened but it's all rumours at this point.

The next best thing for Apple is to offer similar features to the
netbooks in a existing product.

How about a Macbook Air with the following coppnents:
Processor: Atom vs Core 2 Duo
Memory: 1GB@533 vs 2GB@667
Disk: 16GB SSD vs 80GB HDD
Graphics: Intel 950 vs X3100

This component change will surely bring the price down by a few
hundred dollars and increase battery life significantly. Weight will
also be decreased slightly.

Also. The Macbook Air was a unique product and came at a somewhat
premium price due to the new technology. That was 6 months ago. Surely
Apple can bring down the cost of all other components

Third, Apple officials have states that the company will be lowering
it's product margins from 35 to 30%. In other words a $1000 product
will now cost $950

All these factors can add up to decreae the price of the Macbook Air
to half of what it is now or about $900

The Macbook Air represents the perfect form factor for a portable
computer and it should not be kept only to bussiness people with the
big wallets.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

iPhone Sales

iPhone Sales
In 2007 Apple sold 250,000 iPhone's in the opening weekend on June
29th This year Apple sold 1 million iPhone 3G's in the opening weekend
on July 11th.
That's a 400% increase.

Will apple keep this momentum? Will it slow down or will it go up?

The first thing to note is that up untill The second half of August
08, Apple had trouble supplying anough iPhone. That was not the case
last year. Sales were however boosted afterwards by the launch in 20
more countries compared to only one at this time last year.

On September 10, 2007 Apple anounced it had sold 1 million iPhone's in
the first 74 days.

This year, Apple has a an event in September 9th. That's 60 days after
launch. One week short of the event, allready rumours circulate for
some 6 million iPhone 3G's sold by Apple. Had this anoincement been
another 15 days out, it is reasonable to assume that Apple would have
sold 8 million iPhone 3Gs in the same 74 days since last year.
Now that's 700% increase.

Is there a chance Apple can continually sustain that grouth?
Five days before it's 1 millionth sold iPhone anouncement last year,
Apple cut the price of the iPhone by $200. This definately boosted
sales in the next quarter.

This year Apple has some 26 more countries that still have to begin to
sell the iPhone. Moreever, Russia and China have yet to join as well,
two very large markets. This along with the new 2.1 software will also
help Apple continue to boost sales. Right Now Apple has been selling
around 750,000 iPhone 3Gs per week on average. It's production
capacity is estimated to be at around 800,000 and if another 26
countries join the rollout I suspect we will be seeing iPhone
shortages again.

The next first gen iPhone sales anouncemnt was on January 15 at
Macworld. By this time, 200 days after the launch Apple had sold
4,000,000 iPhone's.

If Apple had sold 6 million iPhone 3Gs allready and continues to sell
them at 800k units per week, Apple will be on track to sell 22,8
million iPhone 3Gs by the next Macworld in mid January.

That's 570% increase.

So by the end of the product life, Apple may as well sell 5 times as
many iPhone from the second model compared to the first.

What was the point in all this. Well, I had an article a few months
back predicting iPhone sales. While I did not expect for apple to run
out of Iphones, I did expect 23million iPhones sold in 2008. It seams
Apple is well on track to meet my expectations.


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Monday, September 1, 2008

iPod Touch 2nd Gen

iPod Touch 2nd Gen
It's almost September and it's almost time for this year iPod refresh.

While the iPod Nano may see the most significant overhaul, I suspect
iPod Touch to pack a few surprices of it's own.

There is a growing division in the Apps in the Apps Store. First there
are the apps specific to the iPhone, now there are the apps specific
to the iPhone 3G.
The iPod touch apps are increasingly cornered. After 2.1 come out that
will be increasingly so, at it promises to add not only push
notification service but more GPS support as well.

The iPod Touch does not have a GPS, nor does the iPhone 2G. However
increasingly more apps will rely on this technology to even work. No
matter how cleaver and indegineus the Skyhook service is, it's was
just a stop gap and at best a compliment to a real GPS in the form of
Assisted GPS.

There is no doubt in my mind that the new iPod touch will get the same
GPS chip as the iPhone 3G. The cost of implementation is low and the
benefits high. This will bring a lot more commonality between the two
platforms: iPhone and iPod Touch.

The design need not be changed much. The iPod Touch back is now
iodized alluminium and is not the best cover for another anthems. But
it doesn't need to be. The GPS chip can be placed near the top cover,
since most satelites are on top, not to the side.

The new iPod touch needs a lower price and Apple can get as many parts
as common between it and the iPhone 3G.

The only other cmagor change for the Touch may be the introduction of
more colours, but I do not consider that a priority, since so many
people use colour cases anyway to protect the screen and the back from

I do also hope that apple put the same minijack from the iPhone so the
iPod Touch can do WiFI calls ( think Skype) via the same stereo
handsfree. That will be very cool and another minor update with a
major impact on functionality.
If this happened, I do not see how apple
Cannot do it's own iChat Mobile Phone.

I personaly expect every major app on Leopard to make it into iPhone
Format one way or another.

Another thing I expect for the new iPod Touch is a camera. Maybe the
same one from the iPhone. Why not? It's price will be now almost

I am just wandering why cannot Apple make an iPod touch from the
iPhone 3G.
Just remove the GSM and the 3G chips plus bluetooth and the speekers,
and the mic. It can also use the same plastic cover minus the
processes making holes for the sim and speaker-mic. This way, anyone
will get a feel for an iPhone without the contract and crazy prices in
some countries.

I doubt that happening, but the iPod Touch cried for more
compatibility in tersm of hardware with the iPhone not only to keep
the price low but also to keep the maximum app compatibility.

In short, here is what I hope to see in the iPod Touch:
1. hardware.
- Minijack
- Camera

2. Software
- GPS navigation APIs
- Voip APIs
- Push Notification Service
- Copy & Paste
- Game Controler APIs

It seams we will only have to wait a few weeks to find out if Apple
will deliver.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hi StarCraft Fans,

We have all pondered on the questions about the Xel’Naga, the Hybrids and the 4th Race. The truth is if anyone decides to make a 4th race based on those names, there would not be much to start with. All units and structures have to be designed from scratch, as is the race concept as a whole. Personally I don’t think any of these names describes a race that can be made for multiplayer game in a similar fashion to the Protoss, Terran and Zerg. Not in terms of variety of building and structures. Further more, any attempt to guess the storyline will be in vain as StarCraft II will be coming out and who can stand up to Blizzard in that.

So is there anything else left to expand into a 4th race without tampering with the storyline and keeping the looks and feel as cannon as possible?

A famous Chinese game suggest not. We have all played the simple hand game of the leaf, the stone and the scissors. One always beats one of the others. So, is really “3” the magical number of game balance? Three races, no more?

Of course not. Whether you will win or not does not depend on the fact which race you will chose to play with. Further more Blizzard has shown us trough StarCraft 2 that game balance can be achieved with any type of unit one can dream of as long as the unit has a specific weakness the players can exploit.

Despite the fact that every race possessed so many different capabilities, there are a few words that will describe the overall race strength. Strength players must exploit strategically.

Zerg: Speed, Numbers

Protoss: Power, Strength

Terran: Mobility, Range

But what about covertness, surprise. What about a race that does not rely on its strength, or its numbers, or its capabilities, but rather on Asymmetric Warfare. A race that overall strength is Survivability?

Any person familiar with the StarCraft story line will find 2 general contradictions.

1. Why do the UED has Confederate like technology and not some different Earth made units and buildings? Ok, they introduced the Medic and the Valqurie, but that’s it.

2. Why do the Dark Templar have only one 3 units? The Corsair, The DT itself and the Dark Archon. And just like the UED, why would they use Protoss like structures?

While the there is no more info on the UED besides this speculative question, there could be some info on the Dark Templar. We have seen recently some pretty cool Dark Templar designs made its way into StarCraft 2: The Tempest, the Stalker and the not so cool Soul Hunter. Notice how the Silver like material used to make them distinguish from the golden like alloy used by the Protoss on Aiur.

That makes for total of 5 official units so far. See the picture.

But how about buildings. Do the Dark templar have any unique buildings?

Perhaps. With that questions in my head, I went to search in the StarCraft Map Editor.

Has anyone noticed how many building-like doodads we have on the Shakuras twilight map set? These doodats look great and with a little imagination, one can almost see their Aiur equivalent. We have a total of 8 such native buildings.

So what happened? Did Blizzard embarked on making a 4th race with Brood War, but ultimately canceled it and left some of the work in Map Editor?

It’s possible, seeing their recent comments about how they are going to include all created but unused units in the StarCraft 2 map editor.

I always thought that the Dark Templar had more that just Corsairs. And as they lived apart from their Aiur brethren for centuries, it made sense to have different gameplay, units and buildings.

The Dark Templar use another type of energy source. The Void, while the High Templar on Aiur specialize in the Psionic energy. This difference comes from how they see themselves. While the High Templar see themselves as race with one mind trough the teachings of Khala, the Dark Templar have continued to explore their Psychic abilities individually.

So you might say that the Pylon structure exemplifies the Protoss on Aiur. It shares energy and knowledge from a single source.

The Dark templar will logically use similar structures that reflect their individual philosophy.

All the books that have come out so far have suggested that the StarCraft universe is bigger and richer than displayed in the game.

The Dark Templar Trilogy book shows there is much to explore in this area. The Book, “Queen of Blades” also tell us a lot about Dark Templar abilities, way of live, even a dark vessel that acts as a transport for them. This Dark shuttle apparently possesses cloaking ability too.

Now, I know that creating a playable race is more that story and graphics. Its gameplay. So, we need a tech tree, we need some ideas as how this race is going to be different, cool to play, justifying its creation.

Here is the concept of the Building/Unit tech tree of the Dark Templar tribe as I see them in their height on Shakuras just before the Zerg came.

I would like to shed some more light on what you see in that diagram.

I chose the Twilight map as background. You will notice unifying effect of the similar colours used. That is the silver like alloy specifically used by the Dark Templar. The names are derived from the word Void and their function. The tech tree as a whole is based on the Protoss tech tree with some elements borrowed from the Zerg tech tree.

There are 3 additional stone buildings borrowed from the Aiur type tile sets. There is one very good reason why would the DT have them. These Temples are ancient structures dated from before the DT got expelled from Aiur. I decided that they would like to build something that reminds them of home.

Another reason to use them is because of the 2 additional units I added: The Acolyte and the Dark Zealot. I wanted to implement physical/mental training as a way of building units. It had to be different than the other 3 methods used: Warping, Morphing and Equipping.

The second major concept I came up with is the implementation of the Void idea in providing supply limit. We just had to have more individual behavior with the structures too. So every structure has its own Void crystal that provides it with power and adds a little supply. Every structure.

A third concept I was hoping will make this race distinct is if we had the workers were able to become Warriors too and keep their ability to gather and build.

Another concept I thinks might be worth exploring is team building or the completion of a certain build project by several units simultaneously. While it may seam that having units with so many abilities is an unfair advantage, finding the balance between how many do I send to gather, how many to build and how many to fight may be very tough indeed.

You will notice, there is a lot of merging going on. I figured that DT as people exhibit different psyche in different age and if there were to be merged at young age the result would be different then if they are fully trained DT. If you merge 2 workers, you get a unit that will dedicate its live to gathering resources. However if you merge two warriors, like the Zealots, you get a being that will increase the effectiveness of others.

Merging/linking was an easy way to get some more units into the game by using familiar concepts to ad needed abilities to balance this race

Also while merging increases the efficiency of a particular unit in a certain role, it limits it versatility. Once the merge is complete, there is no going back, and the merged units cannot be trained in anything else.

Here are two new approaches to building structures too.

The Workers could use their energy blades to fuse any encountered material into solid piece and then cut it into blocks with the blade. As such, all stone structures will not require minerals or vespen gas to be completed. Naturally the more Workers you set to the same project, the faster it gets done.

High tech structures might not be warped, instead, the workers may utilize special holographic material projectors that build the structure in layers time. Overall , while Dark Templar are versatile, you will need more workers per building then the Terran if it were to be completed at the same time.

Yet another Idea I hoped to bring uniqueness to this race is the ability to upgrade units by sending them to certain building for training or new equipment. You can still train the unit from a certain building from scratch, but you can also upgrade some existing units to the same status for less time. Example. Instead of building Dark Zealots, you can upgrade your Acolytes to that status.

And starting with the structures, I would like to address everything on that tech tree individually.

The Temple

This is your starting structure, and like the Nexus you can train your Acolytes here. The structure is upgradeable to Dark Temple. I figured there are few building that are more spiritual and religious and made primarily of stone. Those buildings can be repairable. The others high tech ones cannot, just like the Protoss ones.


This building has two purposes. First, it’s the DT analog to the Protoss Extractor. It also uses some of the gas for high enery experiments. As such most researches regarding shields and use and storage of energy are done here. One exeption is the Tempest unique shield upgrade. Some upgrades become available only after the ability to field a certain unit in battle are met.

Void Post

Similar to the Terran Armory for it can research all armor and weapon upgrades but no shilds. In adition it can fit the Void Pillars with powerful energy globe to create a formidable defensive structure.


It’s a temple dedicated to studying the powers that come from the Void. In particular the energy blades. In short, Acolytes receive the weapons implants and become Dark Zealots and learn how to channel their energy trough them.

So while initially you can only build Dark Zealots and upgrade acolytes. Maybe later when you build the Dark Temple, you can also train Dark Templar from here.


This looks like a robotic facility to me. I suggest that here the infantry units get merged with a certain exoskeleton permanently. So you can send in either a Acolyte, a Dark Zealot or a Dark Templar and create either a Stalker or a Soul hunter. You can also build Stalkers and Soul Hunters here from scratch for more time and recourses. Why also not have 2 rally points, one for each unit?


This is not a high tech building, rather a structure that channels the Void around it. It gives certain knowledge and enables various types of merges between the templar. You must have as many Archonaries as merging you want to handle at the same time, to justify building more. So, if you want to merge 12 Dark Templar into 6 Dark Archons at the same time, you will need 6 Archonaries. I think it’s a neat idea how to use a stupid stone structure from the doodats.

Citadel of Adun

Adun is just as much hero to the Dark Templar ( he saved them) as he is to the Protoss on Aiur. So I leave the building unchanged. However it researches the sneak ability of the dark zealots and acolytes as well as the blink ability of the Stalkers . This Sneak ability requires a special void amplifier that enables these units to cloak themselves prior to a battle for a short time. Dark Templar later learn how to master this ability full time on their own.


The original building looked like a flying unit placed on a pedestal for display, I figured that it’s how it will look like when a ship is completed.

The StarPad is like an open shipyard and produces all 3 types of flying craft. Corsair, Tempest and Intruder. What is interesting is that the ships are build on the StarPad and can be attacked by ranged troops before they are completed. While construction is underway, the ship slowly speeds so the holographic mater projectors can look at it from every angle.

It might be cool if you can send your Acolytes, Dark Zealots or Dark Templar to get in the StarPad and to be the crew. This way you can cut down on build time and cost of producing the crafts.

Star Beacon

Analogous to the fleet beacon as it provides upgrades to the Corsair and the Tempest.

Speed boost for the Tempest along with additional interceptors and Super Corsair mode trough linking for the Corsair along with Disruption Web spell.

Dark Tower

Similar function to the arbiter tribunal. It has the Cloaking ability of the Shuttle as a research. As well as Speed upgrade or additional capacity upgrade.

Dark Temple

Here you can train all 3 variation of the DT infantry: Acolytes, Dark Zealots and Dark Templar. There are 3 Rally points, one for each unit.

Void Pillar

Unlike th Pilons, it provides only 4 Supply and does not power other buildings. The stricture, however has a bigger sight range and smaller attack area.

Void Ray

Analogous function to the Protoss photon cannon though weaker. It has an energy globe which can double as a detector. However it can only act as a detector or as a weapon at any one time. The player can swich the modes of the structure trough a special button.

Dark Void Ray

This upgrade adds two more modes of operation. It can switch between self cloaking and area cloaking, when it will cloak nearby units/buildings, while itself being visible. Every Void Ray had to be upgraded individually. So now the players will have 4 butons in each building and only one can be active at any one time. Self cloaking, area cloaking, detector and defensive weapon. A skilled player can mount a very elusive attack/defense with several of these buildings.

Some info on the units now.


These are like DT that have passed only basic training. They have equipment suitable for mining and building. You can upgrade them to Dark Zealots or Dark Templar by sending them to the Voidonary or the Dark Temple respectively. Acolytes will have the ability to merge creating the Priest unit.

Dark Zealot

Just like on Aiur there is a sort of a social evolution and the high Templar are the highest level, on Shakuras, we start with acolytes and then we have the Dark Zealots. I personally see them similar looking to the Zealots with weaker armor and shield – 50/80 and one blade blades with 15 damage. Dark Zealots will have the ability to merge creating the Spirit unit.

Dark Templar

While the Dark templar have seldom shown this (as has Kerrigan her psionic storm ability) but they can summon a lightning bold out of Void energies to do maximum damage to single unit. Similary to the Dark Archon, it might require a lot of enery and they might end up loosing their shield. The attack will take time, so faster enemies can escape, same as the Psionic storm feom the High Templar. This ability is trained at the Archonary.

Apart from that new ability I do not see the need to change that unit.


Created by an archon type of merging, this creature is a very specialized Worker. The Priest can gather more at one time and build faster. It cannot be upgraded or used for other roles, though.


Because the Exiles do not have heavy ground units, the merged Spirit of the two Dark Zealots has dedicated his existence to supporting his brethren in battle. It might not be able to fight directly but will have some very useful abilities. Because its an energy being, it might be able to recharge the shields of friendly Protoss. Also it will have a special detector spell. When activated, the unit will stop moving or fighting and will focus to telepathically project the location of the hidden enemy units in the area. This will be an automated ability. It can be overridden by a move command. The detection range will not be as great though and the unit can get under attack while at it.

Dark Archon

I have always thought that Dark means using dark enery and that meant black. Apart from the visual appearance, I do not see any reason to change this mighty unit.

Stalker and Soul Hunters

The only two units with medium range ground to air capability.


Because there is no other unit with light air to ground attack I see the Corsair now firing the same way at ground targets too. In addition can have a linking mode. Similar to merging, as you will need two Corsairs to accomplish it. The Difference is that the process is reversible.

The Corsair will again feature the disruption web ability but to me it function should be different. The web like energy will interfere with the electronic/mind equipment of the enemy detectors and render them useless. It will also interfere with weapons targeting to the point where they can be used at only point blacn range. However the web might also render some cloaked ground units visible including its own DT moving under it.

Super Corsair

Made from two linked Corsairs it is the DT close guarded secret. Essentially a heavy fighter with twice the hit points, shield and attack damage but half the fire rate, acceleration and maneuverability.The link between the two ships is created by the stored energy otherwise used to create the disruption web. Skilled players will only link the ships just before battle to maximize available link time.


Many people thought it was a cool unit and I think it is fare to assume that the Dark Templar had their version of the Carrier, just as they had their version of the Dragoon and the Archon.

I however see a lot if engine fairings in the design which make it perfect for a Speed Boost special ability that will allow PRO players to interact with it in a similar way as they do with the Stalker. Distance traveled in Speed boost will generally be higher.


Anyone recognize this as the doodad from the twilight map in the StarCraft map editor or the Xel’Naga Warcruiser from the Defenders of the Khala mod. Whether is was a lost unit or not, when I look at it I see the Dark Vessel described in the novel The Queen of Blades. If we make it true to the story it should have upgrades such as cloaking, and high capacity cargo hold for up to 8-12 Dark Templar. No weapons though. And while cloaking the ship might not cost energy, it can lower its speed considerably to make up for the added advantage in secrecy. I also see this unit be upgradable to a late game detector to act as a complex support unit for large fleets, or heavy scout.

The Exiles as a race might need a couple more units or Buildings to be on the level with the other 3 Races.

I see this update as a patch to Brood War as I would like to play the Brood War Protoss missions both with the Protoss and later with the Exiles as we explore Shakuras to its fullest.

With so much unused graphics and now few unused units developed for StarCraft II I had this suggestion for Blizzard. While we wait for Starcraft II, how about one patch for Brood War that adds another race like The Exiles? Nothing fancy like the Xel'Naga or the Hybrids or some fan made up fiction, just something that would enrich the game without having to jump ahead in the storyline or design a race from scratch.

I hope the StarCraft community will appreciate these ideas.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Post WWDC iPhone Thoughts

Post WWDC iPhone Thoughts

I was halfway wrong with my predition for the iPhone sales for the
second quarter. There are three reasons for that:
1. Apple had only 6 milion iPhone to sell
2. Apple stoped iPhone advertising during May and June.
3. Apple has desided to swich to another bussiness model with the new
iPhone 3G which will not be so strait forward to unlock and resell.

So Apple not only was not trying to sell record numbers of the first
generation model but they were actialy trying to slow down sales so
they could not run out too long before the next model.

The end result being that iPhone sales moment decreased untill Apple
and its partners run out of iPhone's during the middle of May.

Steve Jobs said at Macworld that Apple plan to launch into 12 Markets
in 2008 with a strech goal of 25 countries. Obviously this strategy
revolved around the old bussiness model, where they had only one
exclusive partner in each country. The 6 milion iPhones from the first
generation were though out to be sold out locked to these specific

What some may fail to recognize is that durring that first year, Apple
simply could not afford to change its business model, simply cause
they did not have enough iPhones to sell. They have also correctly
withheld themselves from launching the iPhone in China, where the grey
market was triving with Unlocked iPhones.
In fact each Russia and China operated more iPhones illegaly than any
of the European Apple partners legaly.
So, the iPhone hackers have not only unlocked the iPhone, they are to
be blamed or thanked for Apple changing it entire iPhone business
model. In the battle with the iPhone unlocking, it is clear that the
hackers won.
It maybe well be that Apple also did not plan to release an SDK as
early as they did. However the hacker 3rd party software comunity
spread by the installer app changed that. It pushed Apple into
following the will of the people.
It is amazing how Apple had managed to create a device that is an
instant winner but at the same time they have failed to pick out the
right model for its distribution. Had they chosen the new business
model last year the Apple could have sold 2-3 times as many iPhones in
many more countries.

So has the iPhone lost its chance especialy now that the competition
is catching up with iclones like the Samsung Instinct, Blackberry
Thunder Nokoa 5800 and others?

Steve Jobs was very clear to say that the iPhone OS is 5 years ahead
of everyone else. So even if the competition has somewhat closed the
gap in the hardware looks and features, it is still way behind in the
software that is the true magic behind the iPhone.
Apple may be new to the mobile phone business but they learn fast and
they do not stand still.
The new iPhone 3G have truly delivered in the places where the old one
lacked. Apple could have sold easily another 10 milion this year had
the iPhone kept the price and added only 3G and more countries to the
list. They are however adding a lot more at half the price. For those
people living in those 70+ countries iPhone 3G will be a killer deal.
A fresh break from the complicateness of todays mobile devices.

How will the competition react? Take Verizon for example. The much
advertised Samsung instinct that was supposed to Kill the iPhone
lowered its prices from $199 to $127. Would this help? Just how much
Value for Money is the Instinct? Apple traditionaly offers new
products at the same price as the precious generation. Verizon were
rightfully expecting the new iPhone 3G to cost the same $399. So they
priced their obviously inferior product at the agressive $199. How
shoked were they to learn that the iPhone 3G cost the same $199. They
would not have sold one Instinct at this new scenario. So they droped
the price with $70. But will that be enough? No. The only way for them
to keep the same advantage is to price the phone at $49 or even $1. Of
course they cannot do that and consequently every person that owns an
iPod Nano will probably get an iPhone 3G as a new generation iPod + a
phone and Internet comunicator for the same price.

Can Nokoa compete with the iPhone 3G? Not directly. Nokia is famous
for making every possible combination of form factor and features in
the mobile phone industry. They will likely offer a very low end
touchnscreen phones and a very high end ones. However there is one
thing that they cannot do and that is offer their iclone in 70+
countries at the agressive price that Apple has put forth.
Recent information suggests that AT&T has subsidized the iPhone by as
much as $350, making the cost of a new and unlocked iPhone 3G at $550.
This is a very big subsidy and it clearly shows the fate the carriers
have in the iPhone as a device with long life. AT&T have effectively
postponed any profit they might get from the phone to the second year
of the customer contract. Nokoa has a tradition of selling its phones
unlocked. In some cases however, they also sell there phones
subsidized. But these subsidies are a fraction of the total cost, not
75% as is the case with the iPhone 3G. Why is that? Simply because
they do not expect to sell many phone and therefore make profit
through the economy of scale. Actialy the real reason is quite
different. Nokia has always made devices with a ton of features.
However these features do not get really used as they are complicated
and usually rank up high bills. With the iPhone, Apple has for the
first time put the Internet in your pocket. Internet that is actialy
easy and fun to use. 98% of the iPhone owners are browsing and 80% are
sending SMS, consequently making larger mountly bills. Nokia users
boast to have more features than the iPhone, but because they do not
get used, these features tend to drive the handset price up, as the
carrier cannot subsidize the phone price considerably.

So by making an extremely easy to use devevice, Apple has managed to
make the iPhone part of very powerfully business model. One that is
perfect for both carriers and end users.

What about RIM? Can the new Blackberry Bold stand up to the iPhone 3G?
No. Although The Bold may compete in the bussiness world with iPhone,
just like the new Nokia E71, it can never have the a consumer impact
the iPhone will. Needless to say the Bussiness users will actialy find
the iPhone a much more powerfully and easy to develop platform for.
The Blackberry bold will likely also cost equally or more to the
iPhone 3G and will not be competitive at all.
So, are not RIM aware of that? Yes, and they are developing the
Blackberry Thunder as a response. Contrary to their. Previous
statements, RIM does finally see potential in the touch screen phones.
A little too late though. It is likely that the Thunder will be have
some bussiness features and will target more the unique iPhone
multimedia features. RIM however does not have the worlds largest
online music store at its back, nor the graphical capabilities of the
OS X iPhone. Needless to say from the pictures leaked so far it does
look uglier and more bulky. Not to mention that it has 6 control
buttons in contrast to the iPhones only 1 home button. It is likely
that RIM will push to features of the device to compete with the
iPhone but that will only make it so much more expensive and a hard

The iPhone is the first Apple device that has a mountly plan fee. This
has enabled Apple to put the power of the OS X, the iPod and much more
in a products that is affordable to almost everyone. This is a
marketing and engineering feat unlikely to be duplicated by anyone soon

Written, Edited and Sent from my iPhone (mostly in a Train and a Car)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Short iPhone Podcast 04

And the final episode I recorded 3 days before WWDC 2008.

After I watch the presentation, I might combine all these podcasts into one post and make some comments about what I guessed right and what not.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Short iPhone Podcast 03

The third episode is also here. 
Download and listen with quicktime.

Short iPhone Podcast 02

Here is the second recording. Again about 20 min of talk.

Because I forgot what was it about, you will just have to download and listen to it

Short iPhone Podcast 01

I actualy recorded this 5 days ago, but with no internet connection at home I still have to resort to public WiFis to upload the file.

In this episode I reveal the mystery why  the iPhone share in the US smarthphone amrket has dropped to 19%.

Anyway, this is the first and the best episode so far, so just download the file and listen to it with quicktime.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Short iPhone Podcast Intro

Are you one of those people that brouse the net endlesly for iPhone
rumours, just because they can't wait for WWDC on June 9th?

Well if the answer is yes, you might be in luck.

Download the following file and listen to it via QuickTime.

This is not a video file. I just had not other way of uploading it.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How can the 3G iPhone still surprise us

I doubt there is anyone in the world right how, who will be surprized if Apple reveals a 3G iPhone during WWDC starting on the 9th of June 2008. Besides the introduction of a 3G, the new iPhone is often rumored to have a GPS chip, along with front iSight camera for video chat.

 So, even if know for sure that Apple reveals all that, there are still a number of developments around the iPhone, that I think have a chance of happening and will surprise most people.

1. Sales.

Apple is no doubt going to release the sales figures for the iPhone to date. Looking back in time to Macworld 2007, Apple forecast 10 Million iPhone sales by the end of 2008. Since then most insightful analysis have indicated that overall, the iPhone is exceeding expectations. 


The latest figure we have is 5.7 million sold before 6th of March. One of the Big news and surprises we may hear is that Apple has sold the 10 million iPhones already.

How is that possible? Well first, there was a big boom in unlocking in February, and 16GB model. March 6 announcement likely injected further enthusiasm in many developers and enterprises to buy the iPhones. 

Third, I don't think anyone have even paid attention on how the low US dollar has afflicted iPhone salles. When iPhone started selling the US dollar had 25% more value, than now, making it very affordable for  foreigners to buy iPhones from the  US.

Forth, by the time of WWDC 2009, given the recent unavailability of the iPhone already in US, and UK, there will likely be no iPhones officially left in the stores. Perhaps only France and Germany will still have some.

We all assumes that by 10 million iPhone sales, Apple meant all iPhone models released by 2008 including the 3G one. However, Apple might have cleverly disguised their plans to sell 10 million only from the first version.

2. Processor

Almost one year ago Intel showcased a ultra thin notebook design in collaboration with Ziba, named Metro

This laptop however, never went beyond the concept stage. The reason: Apple was developing its own version of the concept in close collaboration with Intel and 6 months later, Apple revealed the Macbook Air - the world's thinnest notebook.

One remarkable thing about the Macbook Air, often overlooked is that is has a custom made chip by Intel, which is 60 smaller in packaging, compared to the standard model.

In September, Intel also demoed the new 45nm based processor chip

later called Intel Atom.

 A long with that , Intel demonstrated an elongated iPhone like device using it. It is stated in the following press releases that the Atom Processor is made for devices with screen size of about 4.5-5in .


Some other recent developments have given rise to the recent rumor that Apple will showcase a new mini tablet like device (aka iPad) using the new processor. I think people are missing the point set by the previous example. So while Apple may introduce a Atom based bevice  during WWDC, it not going to be the iPad. Its going to be the 3G iPhone. Why? Because Intel like to make custom chips for Apple. Chips that are much smaller than the standart ones and eable Apple to produce amazingly compact, yet powerful devices.

3. Camera

The iPhone camera is nothing special in specs, but the iPhone has made it a breeze for people to make very decent shots and as a result, the iPhone is now the number one device uploading pictures to Flickr, putting even the mighty Nokia N95 behind.

The company manufacturing the iPhone sensor is likely Micron

People have even managed to point the exact model of their CMOS chip

If you look at their catalog, you will see that they have a new 3MP chip in testing now.


Since both chips have similar size, Apple can easily introduce a better camera in to new iPhone.


What is more, a few Months ago, Apple has a job opening for a engineer responsible for the iPhone camera app integration. This just plainly sais that Apple is like to release a new camera app in the 2.0 software update. Video recording is now even more likely as a new processor will help greatly in real time high quality video compression on right on your iPhone.

4. Syncing

It is almost 100% sure that Apple will also roll out some for more wireless .Mac sync for the iPhone. This could be coupled with a new 802.11n Wi-Fi chip to be able to keep pace with the increased storage of the expected 32GB model.

5. Presentation.


We were all in Wow the way Steve Jobs  presented the iPhone originally as 3 separate devices and then saying that it was just one products.

Revolutionary Phone

 Breakthrough Internet Communications Device

 Widescreen iPod with touch controls


This year Apple may add a few more sides to the iPhone:

Advanced gaming platform

 Ground-breaking pocket camera

 Revolutionary pocket Mac


Can’t Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!