Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The new Mac Mini or the wonder iBox

The Apple Mini will be making a comeback soon. Apple will have an
opprtunity to make a superpopular product by evolutionary merging
three separate but similar devices into one. Apple may decide to
replace it's popular Mac Mini, it's I inovative Time Capsule and the
unreleased potential of it's Apple TV into One single product.
The New Mac Mini.

What is the Mac Mini?
It's a general purpose computer with everything needed build in but
the display, keyboard and mouse. It's also 8x8x6 inch in size. And it
has 802.11n. Rumour has it that now it may be possible to replace the
opticle drive with a second hard disk.

What is Time Capsule?
It's essentially a Airport Extreme Base Station with a Server Grade
Hard drive build into it. In essence a Max Mini allready had all the
components to be a Time Capsule but not the software.

What is an Apple TV?
It's similar to a Time Capsule in that there is 802.11n and a hard-
drive inside it. It also has a special circuitry and ports to allow it
to transmit HD movies to a TV.

If Apple decided to merge these three products, which is quite doable
it will have a very affordable solution for the following needs:
- a powerful BYDKM computer
- an airport extreme base station
- a wireless backup RAID1
- a Wireless Media Center/Server
- an Apple TV

We will see in a few hours, what's up.

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