Sunday, April 4, 2010

Flash Domination

These are the reasons why I watch Starcraft these days. There is just one player out there, who just dominates like no other in the history of the game.

This is the Ultimate weapons, this is Flash

The only player to go beyond 70% in 1 vs 1 record.
All time: 272-111 (71.02%)
Last 6 months: 70 wins - 14 losses (83.33%)

Source: TeamLiquid

P.S. ELO is a measure of skill. Generally speaking you get more points for beating better players and you also loose a lot by falling to a player with low ELO. The more points you get, the more you fall in the ranking when you loose. Untill Flash, no one had come close to the 2400 mark.

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