Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips for great iPhone Homescreen Looks

Ever since I got my iPhone 4 I have been trying to figure out how best to organise my Apps and what Apps to leave. Please see the for the beautiful results I achieved bellow.

Here are my basic tips:

  1. Use only folders. Don't leave any single apps, no matter how often you access them.
  2. Use folder names as close to the Categories Apple uses the App Store.
  3. Use as little number of folders ass possible. See some of my suggestions
  4. Use only grayish wallpapers. Forget colors and even strong black or white ones
  5. Put the folders where the main stock App in them was located.
  6. Sort the apps inside according to color tones, so they look like rainbow.
  7. If you have more than 9 apps per folder, gett the better ones on top


Gene Packwood said...

Interesting. But one would always have to do two taps to use anything. Having the most frequently used apps available for one tap access seems preferable to me.

lantinian said...

That's right. Exactly 2 taps away, but no swipes and after you get used to it the first tap is vacates very intuitive even if you cha gentle programs that you use.

Tyler "TJ" Molamphy said...

I use about the same thing, but the four most-used apps are in the dock. The rest are folders only.

lantinian said...

Yeah, I tried that. :) After a day I started exhibiting "Ben Brooks's like symptoms of dislikement for the lack of user interface consistency.... I put them back in a folder.

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