Saturday, January 23, 2010

Avatar - its all about beauty

I have to admit, I am never a fan of movies that are pre-hyped and predetermined to be good. Especially if they involve jungle creatures. I guess I mussed be obsessed with the world of product technology these days. After lord of the Rings, I just could not believe I will be impressed by any other battles with arrows and primitively dressing folk.

I obviously never read too much into Avatar, but I also knew that I will go and see it just because someone really has put an enormous effort into a something that I get to enjoy for some 8 bucks.

Once the music and the huge spaceship started rolling I knew I was going to discover something to awe me for a long time. I just literally fell in love with this beautiful planet - Pandora. The sounds and the music of the place were resonating so strong with me that I was often on the verge of crying at the stupidity by which we do not appreciate those moments any more.

"Look at all that chatter" is a classic line that shows how people can just be inhuman when their mind has been tainted by money and power.

After watching the movie for a 3rd time and listening to the soundtrack more than 10 times, i am enchanted with this positive desire to achieve this beauty in my life. The first thing is to get Neytiri battle cry as a ringtone for the telephone number that will belong to my girlfriend. Or just say "I see you" to the people that mean most to me.

Even if you are not a romantic person, there are more than enough reasons to enjoy this film. Its has everything and its has it done right. It has it real. So real, that it affects your view of the world you walk into after you exit the cinema.

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