Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Redefining Web Content Delivery

After reading the exellent article about the Apple Tablet at www.daringfireball.com a lot of peaces of the rumour puzzle came to place in my mind. The Apple tablet is trully going to redefine not just the ebook industry but the personal computer itself. Maybe not initially but eventually. What is interesting is that this project might have been made possible entirely because of the success of the App Store's content delivery ecosystem.

Let's look at the iPod Touch for a sec. While Apple continues to market it as the Funnest iPod ever, in essence it is widely acknowledged as a pocket computer. But the device has hardly changed since its inception more than 2 years ago. What has changed? The App
Store and huge content that came along with it.

Steve Balmer was right when he said that the web was not created for the iPhone. However, that is slowly changing with more and more sites providing a iPhone friedly version or even an web app. However I think that the Microsoft CEO entirely misses the big picture. It's not
just about web, it's content in general that enables a certain product.

With the App Store Apple has redefined content creation and distribution. The App Store is quickly becoming a substitute to the traditional web. Instead of having one brouser trough witch you do all your activities (like Chrome OS will) you have all these little Apps that each does a specific part of the web.

With people consuming the web trough native and web Apps rather than the traditional web brouser ever more, brouser share no longer matters in the same way. What matters is App Store share.

So, general search share is somewhat doomed to become more irrelevant.
In the past I would consult google for stuff such as movie info. Now, I have the fantastic free IMDB application that not only finds what I need trough a better UI but enables me to discover content in a whole new way.

Some people have found that somenof theircompiting needs are done much more efficiently on an iPhone. What's more is that implies that had Apple had a bigger device people might use it instead of their main computer autogather.

Having a dominating position in the App store among mobile phones, Apple next move will be to move verticaly and try to redefine content distribution on a bigger device, aka the tablet

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