Wednesday, September 3, 2008

iPhone Sales

iPhone Sales
In 2007 Apple sold 250,000 iPhone's in the opening weekend on June
29th This year Apple sold 1 million iPhone 3G's in the opening weekend
on July 11th.
That's a 400% increase.

Will apple keep this momentum? Will it slow down or will it go up?

The first thing to note is that up untill The second half of August
08, Apple had trouble supplying anough iPhone. That was not the case
last year. Sales were however boosted afterwards by the launch in 20
more countries compared to only one at this time last year.

On September 10, 2007 Apple anounced it had sold 1 million iPhone's in
the first 74 days.

This year, Apple has a an event in September 9th. That's 60 days after
launch. One week short of the event, allready rumours circulate for
some 6 million iPhone 3G's sold by Apple. Had this anoincement been
another 15 days out, it is reasonable to assume that Apple would have
sold 8 million iPhone 3Gs in the same 74 days since last year.
Now that's 700% increase.

Is there a chance Apple can continually sustain that grouth?
Five days before it's 1 millionth sold iPhone anouncement last year,
Apple cut the price of the iPhone by $200. This definately boosted
sales in the next quarter.

This year Apple has some 26 more countries that still have to begin to
sell the iPhone. Moreever, Russia and China have yet to join as well,
two very large markets. This along with the new 2.1 software will also
help Apple continue to boost sales. Right Now Apple has been selling
around 750,000 iPhone 3Gs per week on average. It's production
capacity is estimated to be at around 800,000 and if another 26
countries join the rollout I suspect we will be seeing iPhone
shortages again.

The next first gen iPhone sales anouncemnt was on January 15 at
Macworld. By this time, 200 days after the launch Apple had sold
4,000,000 iPhone's.

If Apple had sold 6 million iPhone 3Gs allready and continues to sell
them at 800k units per week, Apple will be on track to sell 22,8
million iPhone 3Gs by the next Macworld in mid January.

That's 570% increase.

So by the end of the product life, Apple may as well sell 5 times as
many iPhone from the second model compared to the first.

What was the point in all this. Well, I had an article a few months
back predicting iPhone sales. While I did not expect for apple to run
out of Iphones, I did expect 23million iPhones sold in 2008. It seams
Apple is well on track to meet my expectations.


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