Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The End of the Mac Mini and the Brick

Apple produced the Mac Mini as a low cost Mac to appeal to those who
want Mac but do not want to pay a lot for it.
It was supposed to be for the Mac Pro, what iPod Mini was for the iPod

It didn't work because the most obvious strenght of the Mac Mini was
not on the shortlist of any person buying a computer for $600.

Mac Mini, was not just smaller than your average computer box. It was
1/10 the size of those boxes. This made it ideal for a media hub
device. A computer without c mo itor, which is always on and users can
stream content from it from anywhere in the world.

It was also ideal for a remote printing machine and for remote disk
access as used by the Macbook Air.

In that role it's entire graphical user interface was unnesessary. In
fact it's processor was and overkill and Apple upated it once just so
it can reduce the price of the same component across it's other

Mac Mini can be effectively used in the role of the Time capsule but
it offers much lower capabilities as much higher price.

Apple pioneered wirelless technologies, wirelless printing, music
steaming and now remote software instalation.

It is time for Apple to design a product solely optimistd for the
purpose of being a data hub. Not only will it back up data like the
Time Capsule but also stream music, moviesnand pictures.

There is anoter product that does some of that allready. It's called
Apple TV. It has also been underperforming despite huge marketing
efforts and software updates

Apple may conveniantely combine all these 3 hubs of data into one
product that will have the following

- Up to 1TB of space for wireless back up or file it can stream
- 802.11n Airport Extreme Base station
- Apple TV
- Integrated Blue Ray drive that can read and write CDs, DVDs and Blue
Ray Discs
- Wireless Printing and Software instalation and disc Burning

Such device will not need to Run Mac OS
Unless it also has a the Multi touch display of the iPhone for some
user interaction but it could be just as easily controled with an iPod
Touch, which could be sold along with it at a discount

Apple could
I troduce some inocative app for the iPhone to control this media

It will be an all aluminum design with the Apple Logo on top. I hope
it light ip like the ones on the Macbooks

This could well be the rumored device going by the codename of Brick
that we may see on October 14th

So is the iHUB comming? I hope so for it will be the fulfilment of
what Steve Jobs has been talking about since Macworld 2000.

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