Monday, September 1, 2008

iPod Touch 2nd Gen

iPod Touch 2nd Gen
It's almost September and it's almost time for this year iPod refresh.

While the iPod Nano may see the most significant overhaul, I suspect
iPod Touch to pack a few surprices of it's own.

There is a growing division in the Apps in the Apps Store. First there
are the apps specific to the iPhone, now there are the apps specific
to the iPhone 3G.
The iPod touch apps are increasingly cornered. After 2.1 come out that
will be increasingly so, at it promises to add not only push
notification service but more GPS support as well.

The iPod Touch does not have a GPS, nor does the iPhone 2G. However
increasingly more apps will rely on this technology to even work. No
matter how cleaver and indegineus the Skyhook service is, it's was
just a stop gap and at best a compliment to a real GPS in the form of
Assisted GPS.

There is no doubt in my mind that the new iPod touch will get the same
GPS chip as the iPhone 3G. The cost of implementation is low and the
benefits high. This will bring a lot more commonality between the two
platforms: iPhone and iPod Touch.

The design need not be changed much. The iPod Touch back is now
iodized alluminium and is not the best cover for another anthems. But
it doesn't need to be. The GPS chip can be placed near the top cover,
since most satelites are on top, not to the side.

The new iPod touch needs a lower price and Apple can get as many parts
as common between it and the iPhone 3G.

The only other cmagor change for the Touch may be the introduction of
more colours, but I do not consider that a priority, since so many
people use colour cases anyway to protect the screen and the back from

I do also hope that apple put the same minijack from the iPhone so the
iPod Touch can do WiFI calls ( think Skype) via the same stereo
handsfree. That will be very cool and another minor update with a
major impact on functionality.
If this happened, I do not see how apple
Cannot do it's own iChat Mobile Phone.

I personaly expect every major app on Leopard to make it into iPhone
Format one way or another.

Another thing I expect for the new iPod Touch is a camera. Maybe the
same one from the iPhone. Why not? It's price will be now almost

I am just wandering why cannot Apple make an iPod touch from the
iPhone 3G.
Just remove the GSM and the 3G chips plus bluetooth and the speekers,
and the mic. It can also use the same plastic cover minus the
processes making holes for the sim and speaker-mic. This way, anyone
will get a feel for an iPhone without the contract and crazy prices in
some countries.

I doubt that happening, but the iPod Touch cried for more
compatibility in tersm of hardware with the iPhone not only to keep
the price low but also to keep the maximum app compatibility.

In short, here is what I hope to see in the iPod Touch:
1. hardware.
- Minijack
- Camera

2. Software
- GPS navigation APIs
- Voip APIs
- Push Notification Service
- Copy & Paste
- Game Controler APIs

It seams we will only have to wait a few weeks to find out if Apple
will deliver.

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