Saturday, November 14, 2009

The iPhone pillars of dominance, part 1: Introduction

When Apple instroduced the iPhone in 2007, it was to be 3 things in 1.
- A revolutionary phone,
- a widescreen iPod with touch controls and
- a breaktrough Internet comunicator.
In time
- the ease of use a polish of the iPhone software
became an virtue in itself.

Since then trough software updates, new hardware, consistency and
support of it's developers and accesory makers, the iPhone can add several more fundamental pillars to its supporting foundation. These are:
- pocket computer.

- digital tool

- game console

- digital instrument

- pocket ebook reader

- accessory platform

- very profitable device for Apple

- profitable software model for Developers

- A new successful new bussiness model for Carriers

- worldwide iconic brand.

There are other things that come to my mind from time to time and I will update this list accordingly

If there is ever to be an iPhone killer, a device will have to match
and exeed the Apple phone in every one of those areas or explore new ones. As potential
iPhone killers have come and gone, the iPhone has consistently
improved in customer and bussiness ratings and incresed it's market
share. Clearly no one knows how even to define an iPhone killer as no one has been so far successful at predicting one.

In the those series of posts, I will look into each of the iPhone
pillars of dominance. How have potential competitors tried to match
and exceed it and what it really takes.

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