Monday, November 23, 2009

Homeworld FX Kadeshi Tech & Unit Tree

Ever played the Space RTS game Homeworld? Well, a lot of people thought it was the best game of 1999. The sequel rereased in 2003, while a step up in many ways, forgot to include many of the original units people (like me) were attached to emotionaly trough the epic story line.

Well in the last two years a new great mod has been shaping arounf Homeworld 2, called the homeworld FX and it's made by 9ccN. Unlike other mods, this one is more like the expansion pack Sierra never released. In Homeworld FX, you can play with 5 more races or fractions taken strait out of the single player campaigns of both Homeworld and Homeworld 2.

One of the races is the Kadesh. I am trying to help the team voluntarily of course in the best way I can, to further polish the pretty much completed mod. The composite image was my second idea.

This chart took me 3 weeks to research an assemble and design, and I hope it will be accesible trough the main menu of the game.

Its main feature is the technological tree of the Kadeshi ploted on a timeline. This way players non only get a sence of the relationships between the upgrades and units, but also how fast they can get to them. Each tech element has a red line on top depicting the actual time in seconds based on the red scale on top and bottom of the chart. I have tried to use cropped screenshots of the actual game to make the different elements more familiar.

The second maroj part of this chart are the images and descriptions of the actual units. I have tried to demonstrate the uniqueness of each unit with carefuly selected action screenshots. With the text on the left, I hope I can give a meaningfull tactical unformation about each unit.

While the mod is mostly complete, there were still areas where changes have resulted in some inconsistency in the documentation. I hope trough this chart that everything one needs to know about the Kadeshi becomes crear, without the trial and error I needed to go trough.

If the guys from 9ccN are OK with this effort on my part, I plan to make a chart like that for each of the other 6 races.

If anybody wants a much bigger high res version, let me know you horizontal resolution and I will email you one.

The official page of the mod is here
My Post with the image is here
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