Friday, November 13, 2009

Thoughts on the 4 Gen iPhone.

Two things are clear. Apple designs world producs. Producs that should be used all ever the world.

Second. 3G networks have still a long way to go to cover the majority of their potential users. What is more, there are two widely used and incompatible standarts. A single 4G widely available standart is at least 2 years away to gustify an iPhone called the iPhone 4G.

Hence the iPhone 4G will probably be the 5th gen iPhone.

So the 4gen iPhone would have the stop gap feature. It would be usable on bothe current 3G standarts: the WCDMA (UMTS) and the CDMA. In other worlds it work on the US Verizon network and that os some countires in Asia. Only the will the iPhone finaly be a true world phone.

How will the 4th gen iPhone look different. In short: it won't. It will look exacly the same. Why? Because of the huge accesory ecosystem build around the current 3G and 3GS models which are basicaly the same. There is no reason why the iPhone cases and docks market should not work the same as the app store in the sence of ever growing platform for which you can sell you accesory. Having millions of potential devices to sell is one thing, having tens of milions is quite another and soon apple will pass the 100 millionth iPhone platform mark. That will motivate accesory makers to make a trully spectacular accessory products in the same league as the recent iPot Touch mobile payment case Apple introduced in its retail stores. Clearly behind that was not just Apple but the Incase company which months ago instroduced the Incase Power Clider case.

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